A recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine found that exposure to higher levels of chlorine can affect lung health.

There are some ways for pool owners and users to lessen chlorine exposure:

  • Minimize chemical use: Use just the minimum amount of pool chemicals necessary for maintenance.
  • Clean the pool often: Keep leaves and twigs out of the pool.
  • Go utraviolet: Consider an ultraviolet unit, which cuts down the level of DBPs (Disinfection By Products) produced. Look for an upcoming blog on this topic.

The study also suggested the obvious—reducing the amount of time you spend in the water and sitting in a poolside chaise lounge instead of snoozing on a float on the water.

Rinse your eyes and skin when you get out of the pool, even if they’re not irrupted. This can help prevent DBPs from being absorbed into your skin and bloodstream.

Important note: The study also advises that anyone with a compromised immune system should reduce time in pool water in order to stay safe with chlorine.


Staying safe with chlorine



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