We recently posted about how to reduce expo­sure to chlo­rine and men­tioned using ultra­vi­o­let tech­nolo­gies to keep your fam­ily safer. Here’s one of the prod­ucts we rec­om­mend: the Hay­ward HydroR­ite UVO₃ Advanced Water Treat­ment system.

The sys­tem releases three disinfectants—UV, Ozone and Advanced Oxi­dants— that work in pool water to inac­ti­vate chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

Here, this video shows you exactly how it works much bet­ter than I can explain it!

Use of the sys­tem allows you to reduce over­all chem­i­cal usage in your swim­ming pool and decrease chlo­rine demand by 50% or more. And we all know that reduc­ing chem­i­cals is good for your family’s health, the envi­ron­ment and your wallet.

An added ben­e­fit of the HydroR­ite UVO₃ is that it also helps elim­i­nate harsh chlo­rine odors, which makes pool time so much more enjoy­able for you and your family.

Best of all, this easy-to-install ultra­vi­o­let prod­uct fits directly into con­ven­tional two 2-inch pool plumbing.

Inter­ested in learn­ing more?

As always, give us a call at 503–631-4816 and we’ll walk you through how this sys­tem works.



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