If you have friends or fam­ily who are pas­sion­ate about pool own­er­ship, check out these unique pool-related gifts for pool own­ers. There is a whole world beyond col­or­ful tow­els, lounge floats and plas­tic dishware.

Float­ing Blos­som Can­dles  Add beau­ti­ful, col­or­ful atmos­phere to your sum­mer nights sim­ply by light­ing the can­dle and float­ing it in the pool.

Float­ing Wire­less Speaker   A party isn’t a party with­out the music and these  float­ing wire­less speak­ers makes it super-easy to bring the tunes pool­side. These Bluetooth-enabled speak­ers con­nect to  iPods, smart­phones, lap­tops or MP3 play­ers. Plug your mobile device into the trans­mit­ter and get your party started.

Per­son­al­ized Pool Rules Sign are a great and inex­pen­sive way to cre­ate play­ful or seri­ous rules for your friends’ or family’s pool area.

For a very rea­son­able price, Mag­num Water­sports Gog­gles  are a com­fort­able, fog-free and water-tight swim gog­gles. Good-fitting, non-leaking gog­gles are a fan­tas­tic gift idea for the seri­ous swim­mer on your list

The attrac­tive  Portable Pool­side Stor­age Box keeps every­thing in neat and orga­nized around the pool. Per­fect for the pool-owner who wants to keep equip­ment handy, but out of sight.

Under­wa­ter Smart­phone Case. Some of your friends might like to unplug when they are loung­ing in the pool. And this is not the gift for them. But if your pool-loving friend needs to be con­nected at all times, it may be a good idea to give them a a case that can be sub­merged in water, just in case.

We all know how obsessed pool own­ers can be about spend­ing as much time as pos­si­ble enter­tain­ing and enjoy­ing their swim­ming pool. Give them a gift that tells them you understand.

Got any other good gift ideas?

Feel free to share below–we’d love to hear them!



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