Inter­ested in keep­ing your pool open year-round? Here are the pros and cons.


The Pros

  1. Enjoy more fit­ness and fun. You and your fam­ily can work­out, enter­tain and relax out­side all year long.
  2. Brighten up your view: Espe­cially in a snowy land­scape, a pool filled with water is a lot more beau­ti­ful to look at than a pool cover.
  3. Sim­plify your spring clean-up: Keep­ing the Ore­gon or Wash­ing­ton pool open year-round means you don’t have to deal with clean­ing up the algae and other debris that will build up in a pool that’s closed until June.


The Cons

  1. Per­ilous power out­ages: When snow or ice causes the elec­tric­ity to go out—not an unusual occur­rence in our neck of the woods— the water in the plumb­ing and fil­ter sys­tem will freeze, and can dam­age the pool plumb­ing and equip­ment. If this hap­pens, ide­ally you want to win­ter­ize your pool right away, and—at the very least—drain any water out of the pump and filter.
  2. Your PGE bill: Fig­ure on adding a few hun­dred dol­lars to your annual bill to keep the pool open all win­ter. Check out this blog on pool heater options.
  3. No More Salt: Salt chlo­rine gen­er­a­tors don’t work in water that dips below 60 degrees. Algae may not grow in the colder months, but if you want to keep  your pool san­i­tized over the win­ter, you’ll prob­a­bly need to find an alter­na­tive to salt.


We love keep­ing the Pacific North­west demo pool open all year round. If you decide not to keep your pool open, check out these win­ter pool safety tips on the blog. As always, give us a call with your ques­tions or to talk through these pros and cons.






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