The mer­cury has dipped below freez­ing sev­eral times already this year—and it’s not even win­ter yet.  You have prob­a­bly already closed your pool if you’re not keep­ing it open all year, but we want to make sure you have done all these parts to pre­vent freez­ing in your swim­ming pool and avoid the headache and expense of win­ter dam­age. 

Check your pipes and motor­ized parts and drain every bit of water from the pump, pool heater and filter.

If any remain­ing water freezes in these pipes, the pipes can crack. And you can rack up some seri­ous bills.

We also rec­om­mend using a pool pil­low. This allows the object to absorb the expan­sion of freez­ing so that the walls of your pool do not.  Alter­na­tively you can use plas­tic milk jugs filled about a quar­ter of the way, just enough to let them sink down into the water. Four or five jugs place around the pool work very well to pro­tect the pool from ice-expansion damage.

As always, let us know if you have any ques­tions about win­ter­iz­ing your pool.



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