This item may not look all that pow­er­ful, but a pool pil­low can save you thou­sands of dol­lars. For about ten bucks, the pool pil­low is a super-cheap insur­ance pol­icy for your expen­sive pool. When you place the air-filled pool pil­low under your win­ter cover you cre­ate a void so when ice accu­mu­lates and pres­sure builds on the cover, the ice has a place to expand, in toward the pillow.

With­out one, the ice expands out­ward, putting pres­sure on your pool walls and poten­tially dam­ag­ing your cover, liner or pool walls.

Tips for success:

  • Don’t over-inflate your pillow—it should be inflated to about 60% to 80% of capac­ity to allow for compression.
  • Don’t sub­sti­tute tire tubes or exer­cise balls—they don’t per­form as well.
  • Install the pil­low in the cen­ter of the pool.
  • Sleep eas­ier know­ing that you have this insur­ance pol­icy against win­ter woes.

As always, con­tact us if you have any ques­tions on prop­erly win­ter­iz­ing your pool.



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