Green hair

Love to swim? Love to color your hair? If both are true, then you have prob­a­bly expe­ri­enced the phe­nom­e­non of green hair. (And not the rad kind of green hair in this photo.) Swim­ming and hair col­or­ing don’t always play well together.

You may think chlo­rine is the big cul­prit here, but it’s actu­ally cop­per. Chlo­rine oxi­dizes cop­per, and when that cop­per touches  your hair as you swim, it attaches to the pro­tein and cre­ates a green hue. Think of a cop­per ket­tle that has oxi­dized. Same theory.

There are some steps you can take to avoid this less pleas­ant form of “Going Green.”

1. Address the Pool First.

Reduce the amount of cop­per in your pool. A mix of met­als in the water is not unusual, but they don’t all need to stick around. Take a sam­ple of the water to a local pool sup­ply store  to get your chem­i­cal lev­els. And give us a call to talk about proper chem­i­cal bal­ance. We can help you choose prod­ucts that remove cer­tain met­als and still keep your pool clean.

2. Get Your Hair Wet.

Before you take a dive, make sure your hair is already wet. Soak­ing your hair with tap water or  the gar­den hose will give it a coat­ing so the chlo­rine can’t hold on so tight.

 3. Cover Your Head

Use a swim caps to pro­tect your hair dur­ing fre­quent pool use. Another way to shield your hair from pool chem­i­cals is to apply leave-in con­di­tioner before you get in the water, since this coat­ing can cre­ate a water­proof seal. Best Prac­tice? Use both!

4. Take Care of Hair Post-Swim

Take the time to sham­poo and con­di­tion right after swim­ming. Don’t skimp on con­di­tioner to make sure you are really seal­ing in all the mois­ture that you can. The chlo­rine in pool water is super dry­ing for your hair and a spe­cial clar­i­fy­ing sham­poo might also prove to be very help­ful dur­ing this process. And keep an eye out for prod­ucts spe­cially for pool hair.

5. Undo the Green

If you’ve already gone to the green side, have no fear; there are ways to get back to your color. Talk to your hair­styl­ist about color cor­rec­tion.  Then, go back to Steps 1–4 to keep your color intact.


Ques­tions about chem­i­cal bal­ance in your pool? As always, give us a call.



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