Cloudy water can turn your well-maintained, gorgeous and expensive pool into an eyesore. Not only that, it can bother swimmers’ eyes, make your filter work overtime, and be a real hassle to get clear.

Here are some of the reasons your pool might be cloudy.

  1. Imbalanced chemicals. High alkalinity, too much or not enough chlorine or sanitizers, or high pH. Seems like a simple thing but it happens all the time. If you get busy and forget to check the pool, unusually hot weather, heavy rain or a pool party all can affect the chemical levels

Solution: Simply bringing the level of chlorine up to 10 ppm in your pool will reverse the cloudy water – known as “Shocking the pool.” Also run your pool for a longer time to help speed up the process. Add Muriatic Acid to lower down the alkalinity.

  1. Not running the pool long enough. You need at least one cycle of water through your pool each day. One cycle means that all the pool water goes through the pool filter back into the pool. If the chlorine level is ok but you’ve still got cloudy water, make sure you are running the pool long enough.

Solution: Set or allow your pool filter to run longer.

  1. Stormy weather. Rain and thunderstorms can really affect your pool. Dirt, debris and rainwater can change the water chemistry of your pool and strain your equipment.

Solution: After the weather clears, skim and brush your pool, shock it, and run the system for 12 hours. This should help clear the cloudiness.

  1. A filter leak.

Solution: Take the filter apart and look at each piece. Replace any broken grids.

Still have concerns about cloudy water in your pool? As always, give us a call with your questions.



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