As the mercury drops, pools around the Northwest are covered and forgotten until June. But there is a way to extend your swim season all year round…even in Portland. Pool heaters are growing in popularity… and relative affordability.



Here are your pool heater options:

Solar Pool Heaters use the sun’s energy (even in our cloudy clime) and the existing pool pump to circulate the water through the heater.  The heater usually sits on the roof or in the yard.  Remember, though, while solar energy is free, the pool pump must be running for the solar heater to properly operate. Using solar heaters can actually increase your PGE bill.

 Electric Heat Pumps also use solar power. The ambient warm air is pulled in to the elec­tric heat pump, enhanced, and transferred into the water. While many heat pumps require ambient temperatures of approximately 55+ to properly function, we’ve got one at our new Portland demo pool that works in temperatures as low as 40 degrees, perfect for the Pacific North­west. We love it.

 Gas Pool Heaters use propane or natural gas. They burn the fuel while the pool water runs through copper coils as it heats up, then returns to the pool warm.


The Bottom Line on Pool Heaters

Like we said above, solar heat pumps are not FREE and might boost your electric bill by $300 to $950 a year.

Gas heaters might run you $300-$500 per month, depending on what kind of fuel you choose.

Electric heat pumps are going to be your most efficient bet, generally averaging $50–100 per month.

If you think heating your Portland pool with a pool-heater sounds like a smart move for you, give us a ring and we can walk you through the best options.



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