So, you’ve decided to build a swim­ming pool. Con­grat­u­la­tions! You’ve made a fan­tas­tic deci­sion. Now… you’ve got to fig­ure out where to build it. After you’ve deter­mined that your land is pool-ready, there are some key ele­ments to con­sider when choos­ing the best pool loca­tion and we def­i­nitely spend a lot of time with our cus­tomers help­ing them make the best choice. Here are some basic guide­lines to follow.

Even in the North­west, Go Solar:  The best loca­tion already receives sun and is well away from any trees. This will help with water warmth and keep the leaves from drop­ping into your pool.

Make a Wind­break: Not only is wind chilly when you’re swim­ming or sun­bathing, it will also cause your pool water to evap­o­rate. An attrac­tive wind­break might be a solid-board fence, or by plant­ing a row of thick shrubs, bam­boo or trees.

Stay High and Dry: Avoid build­ing in a low-lying area, which could result in the pool flood­ing with mud and debris dur­ing peri­ods of heavy rain. Also avoid areas with a high water table; ris­ing ground­wa­ter will flood the deep end of the exca­vated hole.

Pay Atten­tion to Earth and Sky: Obvi­ously, make sure the spot you choose does not have over­head phone or elec­tri­cal wires, and that you won’t be dig­ging into any buried cables, sewer lines, or sep­tic system.

Close to Home:  We always rec­om­mend to build your pool within view of the house. The best loca­tion enables you to keep an eye on swim­mers at all times.



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