So, you’ve decided to build a swimming pool. Congratulations! You’ve made a fantastic decision. Now… you’ve got to figure out where to build it. After you’ve determined that your land is pool-ready, there are some key elements to consider when choosing the best pool location and we definitely spend a lot of time with our customers helping them make the best choice. Here are some basic guidelines to follow.

Even in the Northwest, Go Solar:  The best location already receives sun and is well away from any trees. This will help with water warmth and keep the leaves from dropping into your pool.

Make a Windbreak: Not only is wind chilly when you’re swimming or sunbathing, it will also cause your pool water to evaporate. An attractive windbreak might be a solid-board fence, or by planting a row of thick shrubs, bamboo or trees.

Stay High and Dry: Avoid building in a low-lying area, which could result in the pool flooding with mud and debris during periods of heavy rain. Also avoid areas with a high water table; rising groundwater will flood the deep end of the excavated hole.

Pay Attention to Earth and Sky: Obviously, make sure the spot you choose does not have overhead phone or electrical wires, and that you won’t be digging into any buried cables, sewer lines, or septic system.

Close to Home:  We always recommend to build your pool within view of the house. The best location enables you to keep an eye on swimmers at all times.



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