If stats like these get you a lit­tle pan­icky about the cost of basic swim­ming pool main­te­nance, read on!

Here are some prod­ucts and tips  to cut your swim­ming pool costs so you can focus on enjoy­ing your pool instead of wor­ry­ing about how you’re going to afford it.


While not for every­one in Ore­gon and Wash­ing­ton, solar pool heaters are for those who have a sunny south­ern expo­sure for 6 hours a day. Each 100 sq. ft. of solar pan­els can add 10 degrees to the pool, with­out burn­ing fos­sil fuels or cost­ing any­thing beyond installation.You can add as many of these daisy-chained, mod­u­lar units as you need. A small solar sys­tem can cut your pool heat­ing costs by 50 per­cent, and in a very sunny area,  a larger solar pool heater can replace your gas or elec­tric pool heaters.


Solar blan­kets help col­lect the sun’s energy to heat your pool are best used to stop heat loss after sun­down. Addi­tion­ally they save water, too: Night­time temps can speed up evaporation—this is reduced by more than 90 per­cent by using a solar blanket.


Vari­able Speed Pumps allow you to not run the pool pump at full speed all the time. This is because run­ning a pool pump at half speed can use 1/8th as much energy! Now, that will show up on your PGE bill! And many vari­able speed pumps qual­ify for a green energy tax rebate—an even wiser investment!


Heat pumps work like a reverse air con­di­tioner, cap­tur­ing heat from out­side air and trans­fer it to your pool water. Mind you, they only work if the air tem­per­a­ture is more than 50 degrees—which (fin­gers crossed) is pretty good news from Pacific North­west pool own­ers for much of the year.

Now for the sav­ings: a pool heat pump can reduce pool heat­ing costs by up to 50 per­cent com­pared to gas pool heaters, and gen­er­ally require fewer repairs. While it’s a more expen­sive up front investment,it can pay for itself in just a few seasons.


This is a common-sense tip. As with any big-ticket item you have  (house, car, your own body, etc.), tak­ing great care of your pool can save you money in the long run. Be sure to have a pool test­ing kit on hand to make sure your chem­i­cals are in bal­ance. The one we rec­om­mend for cus­tomers is the Tay­lor K-2005.

You’ll not only take bet­ter care of your pool, but spend­ing a few dol­lars on a good test kit can mean sav­ing many dol­lars on pool chemicals.

By man­ag­ing your pool well and stay­ing on top of main­te­nance, you’ll save money on swim­ming pool costs in the short and long run.

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