Sta­tis­tics show that each bather in your pool or spa leaves behind around 16 ounces of waste (of the sun­screen, hair gel and oil vari­ety)  after 45–60 min­utes of soak­ing or swim­ming. Gross, right?

This is where swim­ming pool enzymes come in handy.

Enzyme pool prod­ucts com­bat organic mat­ter in your pool water, nat­u­rally. You may have heard about enzymes used for some of the oil spills that have been in the news. Enzymes bond with mol­e­cules and then “digest” oils, as well as fats, deter­gents, waste, and tiny bits of debris from trees and shrub­bery sur­round­ing the pool.
So think about the oils and other mat­ter that might be con­t­a­m­i­nat­ing  your pool: sun­tan oil, cos­met­ics, body oil & wastes and decay­ing micro-vegetation. These can help form:

  • Water line build-up or a “bath­tub ring”
  • Chem­i­cal build-up and odors.
  • Gummed up fil­ters and reduced fil­ter life.
  • Cloudy water.

We rec­om­mend enzymes as part of your reg­u­lar pool main­te­nance pro­gram to help with:

Increas­ing fil­ter per­for­mance
Using enzymes can help pre­serve your pool fil­ter car­tridges as well as reduce the num­ber of back­washes required by up to 50 per­cent — which means a decreased water bill.

Reduc­ing scum
Your pool cleaner (or you) will have to spend less time scrub­bing. Enzymes can dimin­ish that ugly “bathrub ring” you some­times see in the pool when you open it for spring.

Clear­ing water
When there is less non-living gunk and grime in the water, it will show.   


Your spa is home to waste such as makeup, hair prod­ucts, oils and lotions. There are enzymes avail­able that are for­mu­lated to break down this kind of non-living waste and last longer in warm water.

Your swim­ming pool also con­tains these wastes, along with the lovely addi­tions of pollen, bird waste and pol­lu­tants in the air. Use a broad spec­trum enzyme for max­i­mum coverage.


Use in addi­tion to your reg­u­lar san­i­tiz­ing and chem­i­cal bal­anc­ing processes. Enzyme main­te­nance prod­ucts are typ­i­cally applied weekly, but rec­om­men­da­tions are dif­fer­ent for pools and spas. Ask your pool spe­cial­ist or, as always, call us for sug­ges­tions or tips at 503–631-4816.



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