Statistics show that each bather in your pool or spa leaves behind around 16 ounces of waste (of the sunscreen, hair gel and oil variety)  after 45-60 minutes of soaking or swimming. Gross, right?

This is where swimming pool enzymes come in handy.

Enzyme pool products combat organic matter in your pool water, naturally. You may have heard about enzymes used for some of the oil spills that have been in the news. Enzymes bond with molecules and then “digest” oils, as well as fats, detergents, waste, and tiny bits of debris from trees and shrubbery surrounding the pool.
So think about the oils and other matter that might be contaminating  your pool: suntan oil, cosmetics, body oil & wastes and decaying micro-vegetation. These can help form:

  • Water line build-up or a “bathtub ring”
  • Chemical build-up and odors.
  • Gummed up filters and reduced filter life.
  • Cloudy water.

We recommend enzymes as part of your regular pool maintenance program to help with:

Increasing filter performance
Using enzymes can help preserve your pool filter cartridges as well as reduce the number of backwashes required by up to 50 percent — which means a decreased water bill.

Reducing scum
Your pool cleaner (or you) will have to spend less time scrubbing. Enzymes can diminish that ugly “bathrub ring” you sometimes see in the pool when you open it for spring.

Clearing water
When there is less non-living gunk and grime in the water, it will show.   


Your spa is home to waste such as makeup, hair products, oils and lotions. There are enzymes available that are formulated to break down this kind of non-living waste and last longer in warm water.

Your swimming pool also contains these wastes, along with the lovely additions of pollen, bird waste and pollutants in the air. Use a broad spectrum enzyme for maximum coverage.


Use in addition to your regular sanitizing and chemical balancing processes. Enzyme maintenance products are typically applied weekly, but recommendations are different for pools and spas. Ask your pool specialist or, as always, call us for suggestions or tips at 503-631-4816.



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