Is Your Pool Spring­time Ready?

We have finally enjoyed some sunny days here in the North­west the last few days. Per­haps you’ve even glanced out­side at your cov­ered pool won­der­ing if it’s time yet to open it. Here’s the thing: When you wait until it’s actu­ally hot enough to start open­ing your pool you’ll likely miss out on some won­der­ful early swim­ming days, so here’s what to do to get things ready to go… sooner rather than later…when you’re open­ing your pool in springtime.

Main­tain Your Land­scap­ing and Poolscaping

Dirt and tree debris love to hang out on your pool cover. (And we highly rec­om­mend pool cov­ers if you don’t have one!) Sweep or blow all the leaves off. Also trim back any over­grown branches or shrubs near the pool so they won’t fall off to the water. And do that BEFORE you clean your pool so you’re not drop­ping leaves or branches into the water!

Check Pumps and Clean Filters

For a clean spring swim­ming sea­son, make sure your pumps and fil­ters are func­tion­ing at their best. Lubri­cate the pumps and prime them with water before start­ing the motors.

Clean the fil­ter before you turn it on. Clean a car­tridge fil­ter by remov­ing the car­tridge and then wash­ing with a hose. If you have a sand fil­ter, set it to back­wash to clean the sand. Then turn it to the nor­mal setting.

Remove Your Pool Cover

Ide­ally using two peo­ple, remove the cover from your pool. Some debris will prob­a­bly fall into the pool as you do this. Don’t worry! You can vac­uum it out later.

Clean and Store Your Pool Cover

After remov­ing the pool cover, lay it out and brush away the remain­ing debris. Fold the cover loosely and store in a cool, dry place.

Top It Off

If the water level has fallen over the win­ter, top it off.

Test Your Pool Chemistry

Once the cir­cu­la­tion sys­tem has run for sev­eral hours, test your pool water for pH, alka­lin­ity, and chlo­rine lev­els using a good test kit.

Happy spring­time swimming!



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