Is Your Pool Springtime Ready?

We have finally enjoyed some sunny days here in the Northwest the last few days. Perhaps you’ve even glanced outside at your covered pool wondering if it’s time yet to open it. Here’s the thing: When you wait until it’s actually hot enough to start opening your pool you’ll likely miss out on some wonderful early swimming days, so here’s what to do to get things ready to go… sooner rather than later…when you’re opening your pool in springtime.

Maintain Your Landscaping and Poolscaping

Dirt and tree debris love to hang out on your pool cover. (And we highly recommend pool covers if you don’t have one!) Sweep or blow all the leaves off. Also trim back any overgrown branches or shrubs near the pool so they won’t fall off to the water. And do that BEFORE you clean your pool so you’re not dropping leaves or branches into the water!

Check Pumps and Clean Filters

For a clean spring swimming season, make sure your pumps and filters are functioning at their best. Lubricate the pumps and prime them with water before starting the motors.

Clean the filter before you turn it on. Clean a cartridge filter by removing the cartridge and then washing with a hose. If you have a sand filter, set it to backwash to clean the sand. Then turn it to the normal setting.

Remove Your Pool Cover

Ideally using two people, remove the cover from your pool. Some debris will probably fall into the pool as you do this. Don’t worry! You can vacuum it out later.

Clean and Store Your Pool Cover

After removing the pool cover, lay it out and brush away the remaining debris. Fold the cover loosely and store in a cool, dry place.

Top It Off

If the water level has fallen over the winter, top it off.

Test Your Pool Chemistry

Once the circulation system has run for several hours, test your pool water for pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels using a good test kit.

Happy springtime swimming!



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