Real Estate Tips for Pool Owners

When sell­ing a home, many swim­ming pool own­ers think it’s enough just to clean the pool and put some nice plants around the swim­ming pool area. To really draw the poten­tial buyer in, how­ever, there are a few more things you can do.

Here’s some help­ful tips from real­tors about how to best stage your swim­ming pool.

Update Land­scap­ing

Real estate props recommend you replace any bark mulch areas–and remove over­grown or unat­trac­tive plants or bushes. If you don’t already have them, col­or­ful flow­ers brighten up the pool­side. And add a few planter pots, umbrel­las or cool light­ing–espe­cially for your list­ing pho­tos. (Take night­time pics if your pool is pretty at night as most buy­ers will only see your prop­erty dur­ing the day.)

Repair Gates and Fences

Both for appear­ance and for safety, make sure all latches and locks work and that your gate open and close smoothly. Gates need to close by them­selves, so replace any springs. If any slats are miss­ing from your fence, replace them–and con­sider new stain or paint if needed.

Brighten Up the Deck

Don’t just sweep the deck. Wash with a bleach solu­tion to make it as bright and clean as it can be.  A pool deck sealer can add a sheen to the deck after cleaning.

Clean the Pool, Plus

After you do a super-thorough pool clean­ing, use your eagle eyes to look for any stains in the pool that you can tend to. How’s the tile and cop­ing look? If there are cal­cium deposits in the tile–a lit­tle elbow grease and chip­ping with a screw­driver will work. If it’s not budg­ing, try some care­ful pres­sure wash­ing. Don’t ignore all your acces­sories—dirt and mildew can built up on fur­ni­ture, div­ing board, fence. If you have caulk­ing around the pool edge, you can replace it.

Don’t For­get the Equip­ment Area

Trim back over­grown branches and bushes. Make sure the path to the equip­ment area is clear, remov­ing any twigs or leaves. If you use gravel on the path, spread some extra gravel so it looks fresh and clean.

Scrub and Tune Up Your Equipment

Scrub all that equip­ment you haven’t paid atten­tion to in years!  That means metal or plas­tic pumps, valves and chlo­ri­na­tors. Sweep out the inside of your pool heater. Give all the equip­ment a once-over and repair or replace any parts that need it. Check all the wires and tighten up the breaker boxes and pool lights.

As always, if you need any ideas to stage your swim­ming pool, give us a call at 503–631-4816.



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