Summer’s almost here. We LOVE throwing parties at our beautiful pool at home. We designed it with parties in mind, so have a changing room, bar area, cooking area, lots of towels and places for guests to store their things. Everything to make it comfortable for guests and easy on us. And because there’s swimming involved, our guests love it (even if they don’t want to swim, their kids can and they can people-watch!). People hang out longer. It’s fun and active.

The great thing about dec­o­rat­ing for a pool party is that you have a POOL as the main focus of the party. Because your cen­ter­piece is already amaz­ing, dec­o­ra­tions can be at a min­i­mum. We’ve learned you really don’t have to spend much at all for a fan­tas­tic atmosphere.


Wel­come Signs

Our pool is not vis­i­ble from our park­ing area, so we like to start the party there. We place wel­come signs, direc­tion arrows, and fun “band park­ing” signs around the area, and spray­-paint lines for park­ing spots right on the gravel so the lot stays orderly.


Pool Party Decorations

Another fun idea requires a sim­ple Sty­ro­foam wreath (avail­able at any crafts store), a few drink umbrel­las, some plas­tic flow­ers, and a few pairs of inex­pen­sive kids’ sun­glasses. Use a glue gun and stick pins to attach the flow­ers, umbrel­las and sun­glasses to the wreath.

Oversize paper lanterns from the party store can add a burst of color to your pool area or yard. Hang them at different heights over tables or from trees.


Your party snacks can also do double-time as decor. In addi­tion to the usual (hot dogs, ham­burg­ers, pizza) con­sider dis­play­ing treats like tor­tilla chips or aqua blue frozen pops in sand­cas­tle molds or toy buck­ets. Use toy shov­els as serv­ing spoons.


Spare Sup­plies

Some guests will for­get tow­els and sun­screen. Set these items strate­gi­cally around the pool—these lit­tle sta­tions will not only help a friend in need, but they’ll also give your pool party an extra bit of charm. You might even con­sider hav­ing a cou­ple of spare swim­suits on hands for friends who didn’t think they would swim—until they saw how beau­ti­ful and wel­com­ing your pool was!


Light Up the Night

When the sun goes down, the party keeps going! To illuminate your magical midnight swimming, think:  glow sticks, tiki torches, floating candles, and the light of the moon.

For pool acces­sories that will make every evening pool­side gath­er­ing fab­u­lous, noth­ing beats Color Cas­cade bub­blers  or LED lights by Uni­ver­sal Color Logic. That’s what we have in our pool and believe me, it makes the party rock!

Remem­ber, your pool makes the party, so keep things sim­ple and inex­pen­sive with food, games, great music and, of course, your fab­u­lous guest list.


Want to brain­storm ideas for your next pool party? We’d love to talk with you—give us a call at 503–631-4816,




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