We live in the Northwest and, honestly, probably AREN’T going to be hanging out in our swimsuits all summer long, right? But there is that cute swimsuit you love… you want to keep it looking good as long as possible, don’t you?

We’ve worn out a lot of suits and learned what not to do. Here are a few of our best swimsuit care tips for keeping your swimsuit looking good.

1. Rinse it out. When you come in from the pool or spa–or even from sunbathing, be sure to rinse your suit.  While recommended chlorine levels are typically low enough not to do do major damage, you don’t want to bleach your swimsuit. Also, lotions and sunblock can do a job on your suit. So give it a quick rinse with plain, cool water (hot water no bueno) or a gentle hand-washing soap as soon as possible.

2. Avoid the rough surfaces. We’ve all seen the pilly bottom suit syndrome for sitting on rocks, wooden benches or rough plaster. Watch where you sit and always put a towel down under you.

3. Drip dry. You may think wringing out our suit til it’s bone dry is the way to go, but it can actually damage fibers and make it saggy. Hanging it up soaking wet can stretch it out, too. Try rolling it in a towel with a gentle squeeze and then laying it out to dry.s

4. Rotate suits. Yeah, that one suit looks fabulous, but if you’re swimming a lot, have a few suits you can alternate to save on wear and tear.






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