We live in the North­west and, hon­estly, prob­a­bly AREN’T going to be hang­ing out in our swim­suits all sum­mer long, right? But there is that cute swim­suit you love… you want to keep it look­ing good as long as pos­si­ble, don’t you?

We’ve worn out a lot of suits and learned what not to do. Here are a few of our best swim­suit care tips for keep­ing your swim­suit look­ing good.

1. Rinse it out. When you come in from the pool or spa–or even from sun­bathing, be sure to rinse your suit.  While rec­om­mended chlo­rine lev­els are typ­i­cally low enough not to do do major dam­age, you don’t want to bleach your swim­suit. Also, lotions and sun­block can do a job on your suit. So give it a quick rinse with plain, cool water (hot water no bueno) or a gen­tle hand-washing soap as soon as possible.

2. Avoid the rough sur­faces. We’ve all seen the pilly bot­tom suit syn­drome for sit­ting on rocks, wooden benches or rough plas­ter. Watch where you sit and always put a towel down under you.

3. Drip dry. You may think wring­ing out our suit til it’s bone dry is the way to go, but it can actu­ally dam­age fibers and make it saggy. Hang­ing it up soak­ing wet can stretch it out, too. Try rolling it in a towel with a gen­tle squeeze and then lay­ing it out to dry.s

4. Rotate suits. Yeah, that one suit looks fab­u­lous, but if you’re swim­ming a lot, have a few suits you can alter­nate to save on wear and tear.






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