If you’ve been dreaming of adding a rock waterfall to your backyard pool but thought it would be out of reach, financial or otherwise, artificial rock may change your mind.  Artificial rock is affordable for most home owners and easy to install.  No back hoes, destroying your lawn to bring in huge boulders. Artificial rock formations and waterfalls are easy to install because they are modular, durable and light weight in most designs. Rock formations with or without waterfalls come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit any budget or backyard, and can tie into other kit accessories to complete the entire pool. You can even blend them with real rock for added interest and versatility.

But do they look realistic?  Most artificial rock is actually cast from molds that are made from impressions of real rocks.  So the answer is yes.  But here is another tip for adding the look and feel of “real” to your rock feature…….plants.  It is a common mistake, when adding artificial rock formations to the side of a pool, to not soften the edges with plantings.  The key here? Layering.  Have at least three layers, short, medium or tall along with a variety of colors and leaf shapes.  This adds interest, softness and creates more of an Oasis effect for your water/rock feature.  Oh, and don’t put the plants that drop leaves easily, right next to the water’s edge.  That keeps clean up to a minimum.

Your pool is the focal point of your back yard.  Artificial rock is a great way to create even more of the peaceful escape and beautiful space you desire.

 As always, just give us a call if you have questions about landscaping, or anything else pool-related.



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