If you’ve been dream­ing of adding a rock water­fall to your back­yard pool but thought it would be out of reach, finan­cial or oth­er­wise, arti­fi­cial rock may change your mind.  Arti­fi­cial rock is afford­able for most home own­ers and easy to install.  No back hoes, destroy­ing your lawn to bring in huge boul­ders. Arti­fi­cial rock for­ma­tions and water­falls are easy to install because they are mod­u­lar, durable and light weight in most designs. Rock for­ma­tions with or with­out water­falls come in an assort­ment of shapes and sizes to fit any bud­get or back­yard, and can tie into other kit acces­sories to com­plete the entire pool. You can even blend them with real rock for added inter­est and versatility.

But do they look real­is­tic?  Most arti­fi­cial rock is actu­ally cast from molds that are made from impres­sions of real rocks.  So the answer is yes.  But here is another tip for adding the look and feel of “real” to your rock feature…….plants.  It is a com­mon mis­take, when adding arti­fi­cial rock for­ma­tions to the side of a pool, to not soften the edges with plant­i­ngs.  The key here? Lay­er­ing.  Have at least three lay­ers, short, medium or tall along with a vari­ety of col­ors and leaf shapes.  This adds inter­est, soft­ness and cre­ates more of an Oasis effect for your water/rock fea­ture.  Oh, and don’t put the plants that drop leaves eas­ily, right next to the water’s edge.  That keeps clean up to a minimum.

Your pool is the focal point of your back yard.  Arti­fi­cial rock is a great way to cre­ate even more of the peace­ful escape and beau­ti­ful space you desire.

 As always, just give us a call if you have ques­tions about land­scap­ing, or any­thing else pool-related.



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