Bubblers add fun to your Portland swimming pool.

ColorLogic lighting makes your Portland pool magical!

There’s nothing quite so dramatic and magical as a beautiful lit poolscape on a summer night. The water glit­ters and sparkles, the area around the pool ripples with color, and walking into your backyard feels like stepping into a gorgeous dream.

Well, pool-owner, you can have that feel­ing… every night of the sum­mer. One of our favorite things to do is to help bring color and light to poolscapes. We installed ColorLogic lights in our Portland demo pool and love hosting parties that go late into the evening so we can turn on the magic and fun.

Well-installed ColorLogic lights can give you:

  • Vibrant, mood-enhancing color
  • Evening use of your pool
  • Safety and vis­i­bil­ity in night-time
  • Entertaining light shows for your guests
  • Beau­ti­ful atten­tion to bub­blers, foun­tains, water­falls, and spas
  • Lit-up yard and sur­round­ing area
  • Attention to the walls and decks you don’t notice so much in the daytime.

And can we say again that we highly recommend the Uni­ver­sal Col­or­Logic Pool & Spa Lights.  These long-lasting LED lights are not only energy-efficient (using 86 percent less energy than incandescents), they are also the brightest lights on the market. They can be installed in any pool or spa and come in 10 colors that can be arranged in seven different light shows.

Check them out in the photo below and, as always, let us know if you have any questions. We love these lights!




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