halloween pool decor


It’s a warm week in Oregon–with lots of mid-October outdoor time.

As the end of the month draws near, here are some fun tips for decorating your Halloween swimming pool, spooky-style

You may be keeping your pool open a bit longer than usual this warm fall. Or, maybe you’ve got a heated pool and you and your family are able to swim year-round. Either way, if hosting a Halloween pool party is on your schedule, consider moving it poolside. Here are some ideas to get your spookiest pool-parties wheels turning.


Floating, Glowing Pumpkins. 

Carve small pumpkins and place small candles inside—they are a cool way to light up the dark night around the pool and floating in the pool! Plastic pumpkins from craft stores will also work.


A Blood-Red Pool

For a very ghoulish Halloween swimming pool, check out red Party Pool dye as an option. It’s non-toxic and non-staining—and the color filters out in 3-5 days… (Lots of other fun colors are available, too!)


Eerie Fog
The Northwest is great at fog, but with all the blue-sky, dry weather of late, it may well be clear on Halloween. Use dry ice to create that spooky foggy atmosphere. Warning: Dry ice can burn the skin. Don’t let anyone swim if you have dry ice in the pool.


Spooky Sounds

You definitely don’t want to have “Monster Mash” on repeat, but some scary sound effects can be fun. There’s a lot of sounds and music available for download, or pick up an inexpensive Halloween CD at the party store. This is super-fun if you have a good poolside sound system.


Happy Halloween!




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