Our business has been going gang-busters this summer as locals imagine future soaring-temps summers. In case you’re on the fence about it, here are our favorite 8 reasons to build a swimming pool in Portland… and why having a pool is a win-win in Oregon and Washington.

1. Gives You Lots More Family Time at Home

When you have a pool, your kids and family can spend time together without ever leaving the yard. You’ll save on gas, restaurants and motels–and make lasting memories as you teach your kids to swim, play games in the pool, and barbecue healthy food by the water.

2. Provides an Outdoor Resort-like Oasis

A beautifully-designed swimming pool isn’t just a big container of water. It turns a dull backyard into an elegant outdoor oasis. We have ideas for waterfalls, vanishing edges and other unique features, which help turn your pool into a relaxing and resort-like centerpiece… right on your own property.

3. Becomes a Cool Gathering Spot for Friends

When hot afternoons and warm summer evenings are the norm, people still want to get together… but the mercury can put a damper on your options. Your pool gives you a perfect way to entertain on hot days and nights… super-easily. Invite your friends and neighbors over for a BBQ, a glass of wine poolside or a dip in the water.

4. Helps You Stay Slimmer and Healthier

What would it be like to exercise in your very own pool instead of driving to the gym. Research shows again and again that swimming provides an excellent total body workout at low risk of injury. In our informal study, we’ve seen that people who regularly use their pool have a much easier time losing or maintaining their weight, too.

5. Allows You the Opportunity to Chillax 

When you get home from a long day at work or just need to escape the rigors of life, there is nothing quite so rejuvenating as a quick dip in your own pool. Just a few minutes in the water helps your body unwind and get rid of stress. (The more, the better, by the way!) An evening swim is also the perfect antidote to sleeplessness—you’ll rest better than ever afterwards.

6. Cools You Off on Hot Days

It’s no secret that 2015 has been a tough summer, temperature-wise, in much of the west, including temperate Oregon and Washington. Instead of cranking up the AC indoors, you could be lounging outdoors in the cool waters of your own pool. And saving quite a bit on that expensive PGE bill, too!

7. Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Kids

With a swimming pool in your backyard, your kids and their friends have a fun place to play that is both convenient and safe. And it is a magnet for kids. If you were lucking enough to have a neighbor with a pool while you were growing up, you remember how that was THE house to be all summer long. Not only is it easier to hang out with them while relaxing with a good book by the pool, you’ll also rest easier knowing the kids are right at home.

8. Lasts Way Longer than a Vacation.

Bottom line, your pool is a great investment that will reap rewards for as long as you’re in your home. Those one-week summer vacations are great—but they’re expensive, gnarly to plan with all the kids’  schedules, and they eventually come to an end. Friends and family will enjoy the ease and fun of times by your pool for years to come.

As always, if you’re interested in a no-cost consult and estimate, give Kary a call at our office.



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