Does your swimming pool ever look like this? I can’t tell you how many calls we get from Portland clients who are GROSSED OUT  when they fill their pool and the water has a green tint. They google “green water” and are concerned about algae and pH levels, and are desperate for me to give them a product or suggest a quick fix to make their water crystal-clear.

Here’s what I tell them: When your pool starts filling from the hose set-up, the water will look green. This is simply because you’re filling such a large volume of water.  If you were to fill a drinking glass, it would look clear.  The green tint is totally normal and temporary; after a couple of days of circulating and filtering the water, I assure them the green will be gone.  They are amazed when I tell them there’s no need to add algaecide or shock the water.  That is the natural color of the Portland drinking water.

Green Water

Even more proof that Oregon is a “green” state!

Questions about your swimming pool water? As always, give us a call.



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