How Algae Erodes the Swim­ming Pool Sur­face & How To Pre­vent It

Sum­mery stretches like we’ve been hav­ing in the last week remind us of just what the sun can do.

In these two pho­tos, taken of the same pool, you can see how the cement has eroded away to expose the mar­ble sand in the plas­ter. What hap­pened was that algae, which grows faster in sunny weather, actu­ally got a foothold in the rough areas between the sand granules.

Luck­ily, this does not mean the pool has to be resur­faced, but main­tain­ing a pool where this has occurred does become a struggle—it’s dif­fi­cult to brush out the fine silt and remove the algae. Reg­u­lar brush­ing around the walls and steps of your swim­ming pool is the way to pre­vent algae build­ing up.

If this is some­thing you’re see­ing in your swim­ming pool, give us a call.